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Lab Drawing

Designing a lab from scratch or renovating an existing space requires informed planning, precise specifications, budgeting, communicating between team members, procuring, delivery and scheduling, logistics, installation, coordination with other construction trades, and yes, more.

It sounds like a lot because it is!

Lab Interiors Group has been there, we know what to expect and our experience makes the difference, ensuring the success of your project. We would be pleased to assist in whole or in part. We will recommend when expertise outside our scope is needed and present you with relevant options.



We’ll help you put together the master lab layout, work on transition or construction phases, budget, and time lines.


We’ll review what the lab users need in terms of work flow, equipment space, relocated vs. casework, hoods or safety concerns. We’ll bring in other experts to assist as needed for specific design or equipment issues. We utilize a design check list that captures most concerns up front.


We’ll develop a product or performance standard either for procurement or compliance. We’ll discuss which product line(s) and options meet your needs and budget.

Lab Furniture Drawings

We’ll provide 2D or 3D renditions showing casework and hoods, fixtures, sinks, rough-in dimensions, cut sheets of propose new equipment. These are used for approval and coordination with the other trades.


We have installers who know lab casework specifically. This is not like office furniture or general carpentry and it takes experienced lab installers to put the hundreds of parts together in a safe and timely fashion.  Using our experienced installers ensured the end result will be exactly how the project was planned.

Post Installation Assistance

We’ll perform a punch list of items requiring correction, provide fume hood testing, and/or product demonstrations as required.