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Designed for today’s classroom allowing clear line-of-sight through multiple hoods to allow easier supervision of students by the instructor.

May be used as a stand-alone hood or in assemblies, both single-sided for use against the wall, or double-sided for use in the center of the laboratory. TruView teaching hoods are the safe and smart choice.

TruView educational laboratory fume hood

TruView educational laboratory fume hood

TruView educational laboratory fume hood

• Available in 4-foot, 5-foot, and 6-foot lengths, either single-sided for use against walls, or double-sided for use in center of laboratory.

• Glass end-walls and center baffles provide unobstructed view through hood.
• Uni-baffle design allows both halves of the double-sided hood to function independently as a complete fume hood.
• Sash-stops provided at 18″ for economical hood operation.
• Designed for use as a stand-alone hood or in assemblies of multiple hoods sharing common endwalls.
• Frameless sash with full-length handle for neat, clean appearance and streamline air flow.
• Flush-sill design allows easy access and excellent airflow.
• Designed and tested to meet ASHRAE 110-1995 standards.

TruView Fume Hood Brochure

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