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Your lab design may include a variety of gas safety products like storage cabinets and gas monitoring equipment.

Lab Interiors Group provides gas safety products manufactured by CONCOA.

Organized 25 years ago by gas industry scientists and engineers, CONCOA is recognized as a leader in the design and manufacture of gas control devices. CONCOA provides systems and equipment that perform flawlessly under demanding conditions in diverse applications.

CONCOA C Series Gas Safety Cabinets

CONCOA Series C Gas Safety Cabinets

CONCOA Universal Gas Detector

CONCOA Universal Gas Detector

CONCOA Remote Display Alarm

CONCOA Remote Display Alarm

CONCOA Dual O2/CO2 Monitor

CONCOA Dual O2 / CO2 Monitor

CONCOA O2 Deficiency Monitor

CONCOA O2 Deficiency Alarm

CONCOA offers a complete line of equipment with all of the components necessary to design an integrated, safe and compliant gas delivery system for non-corrosive, high purity, flammable gases in laboratories and other analytical processes. Product offerings include gas cabinets, air safety monitors, gas leak detectors, regulators and automatic switchover panels to offer a complete system for your laboratory. CONCOA assembles specialty gas regulators and components in a clean room environment to perform precisely in demanding environments. Located in Virginia Beach Virginia CONCO products are American made and readily available for shipment.

A variety of safety products are available through Lab Interiors Group.

Discuss your needs with your Lab Interiors Group sales person.

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