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Products featured on this page include the Kewaunee Venturi line of fume hoods — the safest, most user friendly fume hood manufactured today.  You’ll also find information on Kewaunee’s classic fume hoods.

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Venturi Supreme Air Laboratory Fume Hoods

Venturi Fume Hood Logo

Kewaunee’s Venturi Supreme Air line of fume hoods offers improved performance and enhanced standard features.  This options rich line of laboratory fune hoods feature:

  • Improved capture performance at lower cfm
  • Venturi designed lower corners eliminating dead spaces
  • Dynamic barrier by-pass sweeping contaminates from back of sash
  • Viewing height at 38.5”, highest in the industry
  • Sash operating system improved with dual gears, sash track bearings and counterbalance guides
  • Sash stop controlled by push of a button, with option power controls for raising & lowering
  • Flush air foil improving access and air flow into hood
  • Working depths increased to (3) standard offerings
  • Inside working height available in (2) standard heights and (2) sash opening heights
  • LED lights with multiple tone and intensity choices
  • GFCI outlets increased to (4) side-by-side duplexes each post with multiple grade options
  • Interior cleaned up by removing all visible screw heads or caps
  • Exterior lines improved to softer edges and trimer lines matching new casework
  • Improved cupsink and storage cabinet venting locations, with up to (5) services per post
  • Improved epoxy top and ceiling enclosure design ensuring better installation results

Selected sections of the Venturi Fume Hood Catalog are available by clicking images or links below.  Catalog pages will open in a new tab or window.
Access full Venturi Fume Hood catalog by clicking here (large file, please be patient).
Access Venturi Fume Hood brochure by clicking here.
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Kewaunee Classic Fume Hood Products

Supreme Air Fume Hood

Supreme Air Fume Hood Brochure

Kewaunee Fume Hood Catalog

The design is based on rigid frame construction that assures a solid installation and low vibration and sound levels. Access panels are easily removable to access service lines and fittings. Radius corner posts and airfoils, plus, easy operator control of interior baffle settings assure a high level of comfort, safety and efficiency.


Supreme Air laboratory fume hood

Supreme Air LV laboratory fume hood

Supreme Air walk-in fume hood

Given the variety of models available and the comprehensive option packages to be selected, this new generation of fume hoods can be tailored to the application needs of your modern laboratory.

Aesthetically pleasing curved airfoils, vision sash panels, contemporary controls and devices, designer colors and combinations make a hard-working laboratory safety device into an attractive part of the total laboratory environment.

The Supreme Air LV Fume Hood

Supreme Air LV Brochure
Supreme Air LV Automatic Sash Operator Brochure
Kawaunee Fume Hood Catalog

The Supreme Air LV fume hood, a new generation of fume hood design, combines safe, energy efficient design with a multitude of user-friendly features. The LV fume hood is a high performance, low constant volume design building on the features of Kewaunee’s proven Supreme Air fume hood line. Its updated asthetic design incorporates reduced air volume technologies with more efficient air flow containment to provide unsurpassed safety and barrier-free use.

Based on proven constant volume technology, the Kewaunee Supreme Air LV fume hood avoids the requirements of expensive, high maintenance alternatives. It has been tested using the ANSI/ASHRAE 110-1995 proceedures to verify compliance with ANSI/AIHA Z9.5-2003. In addition, the LV hood has been tested using severe dynamic challenges (including the walk-by simulation apparatus of EN 14175) to confirm its superior containment capability.

Supreme Air Features

Top front panel available as:
• Solid panel with integral louvers
• Vision panel with integral louvers (shown)
• Solid panel with Sight-tight Chevron by-pass grille
• Vision panel with Sight-tight Chevron by-pass grille

Independent frame construction
• Rigid structural frame
• Allows liner panel replacement
• Stainless steel fasteners concealed with corrosion resistant caps

Radiused air foil
• Streamline air flow— low turbulence
• Heavy gauge steel for durability
• Available painted or in stainless steel

Task specific liner options
• Phenolic resin
• Kemglass
• Type 304 Stainless Steel
• Low profile, self-gasketing, interior access panel —removable without tools

Easy operating full vision sash with:
• Full length painted aluminum handle for neat, clean appearance and streamline air features
• Exclusive sash leveling and alignment features

Customizable accessory offering
• A full array of service fittings and electrical fixtures
• Monitoring and safety alarms
• Pre-piping and pre-wiring
• UL listed when pre-wired per UL 61010A-1
• UL 1805 classified with Kemglass or Stainless Steel liner

Exclusive Kemresin work tops
• Dished worksurface available in multiple colors
• Many other options, including stainless steel

Low profile PVC sash tracks
• Smooth sash operation
• Reduced air turbulence
• Seals the interior side panel

Narrow-radiused corner posts
• Enhances aerodynamic air flow
• 4″ width creates more interior work space

The Dynamic Barrier Fume Hood

Dynamic Barrier Fume Hood Brochure
Kawaunee Fume Hood Catalog

The Dynamic Barrier fume hood requires over 70 percent less exhaust air volume than a traditional by-pass fume hood. The design conserves natural resources while saving thousands of dollars per fume hood on initial HVAC system requirements and on annual energy consumption.

The Dynamic Barrier fume hood is an ultra low constant volume design based on Kewaunee’s Supreme Air fume hood line. Its basic size, shape, and construction is the same as the standard Supreme Air design; but, it incorporates new and innovative features that reduce exhaust air usage while increasing the ease of use and maintaining unsurpassed containment. Based on proven constant volume technology, the Kewaunee Supreme Air Dynamic Barrier fume hood avoids the requirements of expensive, high maintenance alternatives. It has been vigorously tested to ANSI/ASHRAE 110-1995 guidelines. In addition, the Dynamic Barrier fume hood has been subjected to stringent dynamic testing including walk-bys, cross-drafts, and multiple breathing zone challenges, while maintaining unsurpassed containment.

• Double vertical sash design allows 37″ opening height for apparatus setup while projecting only 9″ above the hood.
• Frameless upper sash for unobstructed view.
• Service ports provide convenient, safe passage of wires and tubes for equipment connections.
• Static pressure averaging mechanism provides accurate face velocity readings regardless of sash positioning.
• Dynamic Barrier by-pass bathes area behind sash with uncontaminated air maximizing user protection.
• Air Alert 600 Fume Hood Monitor provides a visual one-hour timeline of fume hood performance.
• Low profile sash frame offers easy access through horizontal panels.
• Six-panel combination lower sash provides multiple protective working configurations.
• Sash stop at 10″ high provides full width work opening while maximizing splatter and fume barrier for user protection.
• Aerodynamically shaped lower sash handle provides smooth airflow through vertical opening.
• Flush sill for unobstructed access through vertical opening.

DetectAir Filtered Fume Hood

DetectAir Filtered Fume Hood Brochure

With the introduction of DetectAir, the filtered fume hood has come of age.

DetectAir combines Kewaunee’s traditional fume hood expertise with the filtering technology of AirClean Systems. DetectAir filtered fume hoods incorporate an exclusive on-board validation system which identifies chemicals as acceptable or non-acceptable, with a triple level detection system to ensure user safety …hence the name DetectAir. It also features AirSafeTOUCH, an automatic touch screen control system for simple operation. With Kewaunee’s new DetectAir, the questions and concerns revolving around filtered hoods and user safety have been answered.

DetectAir can be used as a general purpose fume hood in a broad spectrum of applications within the modern laboratory.

General Information about Fume Hoods

Considered one of the front lines of safety, fume hoods and air flow products in general are critical to a lab’s success. With user friendly designs for every lab application, this product line maximizes flexibility without sacrificing safety. Offering a large variety of basic and specialty models applicable for research, educational, healthcare and government lab environments, most needs are met. For all others, specially designed enclosures are an option. Each hood can be configured to meet the individual researchers’ needs for gases, water and other services as well as many standard working width and depth and height choices.

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