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Your lab design may include extraction arms (snorkels). Lab Interiors Group provides extraction arms manufactured by MOVEX.

MOVEX offers a range of extraction arms that is both extensive and world-leading in laboratory environments. All MOVEX extractors feature considerable positional stability and user-friendly aluminum designs.  Also among the benefits are the external joints that ensure a clean interior with low pressure drops.

ME Series

The ME series extractors are ideal for laboratory environments.

Benefits include:

  • Energy-saving
  • Lower noise levels
  • Less risk of disruptive ventilation noise
  • Low pressure drop without having to use a larger dimension system
  • Easy to combine with other extractors in the same ventilation system
Movex ME50 Extraction Arm

Movex ME50 Extraction Arm

Movex ME50 Extraction Arm

Movex ME50 Extraction Arm

Movex MiniTEX Extraction Arm

Movex MiniTEX Extraction Arm


The MiniTex extractors are perfect for workplaces requiring the market’s lowest pressure drop. This line is suitable for environments where the extractor can be incorporated in the same extraction system as other products with a low pressure drop such as fume cabinets or existing ventilation systems.

Features Include:

  • Compact extraction arm
  • Adjustable telescopic function
  • High air volume in the suction nozzle ensures effective capture of pollutants
  • Ideal for low ceiling and low-hanging light fixtures
  • A direct airflow and an absence of internal components results in a low pressure drop and minimizes the risk of noise problems
  • Easy to operate and position.

PSS Model

The PSS is a fully stainless steel extractor arm for demanding work environments. Smart and stylish design developed primarily for industries with stringent hygiene requirements, such as the pharmaceutical industry. The design evolved from MOVEX’s fundamental principle on external support arms, which produce the lowest pressure drop and pose little risk of blockage. All surface finishing is high-gloss polished stainless steel, and the antistatic hose is fitted with quick-connectors, which makes PSS the easiest extractor arm to clean in the industry.

PSS advantages:

  • Acid-resistant, high-gloss polished steel
  • Quick hose connection
  • Detachable protective grille
  • Component-free airflow
  • Fully sealed profile
  • Few components
  • Food-grade hose
  • Permanent antistatic grounding
  • Available in lengths of 2/3/4 meters and in sizes of 100/160/200 mm.

A variety of safety products are available through Lab Interiors Group.

Discuss your needs with your Lab Interiors Group sales person.

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