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Lab Interiors Group is a representative for THERMOLINEAR environmental rooms. This Cincinnati based company makes a variety rooms in which temperature, humidity, light, and air quality can be tightly controlled and recorded.

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Environmental rooms, laboratory cold rooms, dry rooms, and stability chambers are used in research, quality control, production and storage applications.

Environmental rooms can be made to customers’ specifications.  Lab Interiors Group and THERMOLINEAR offer design, engineering, installation, and maintenance service to the customer. Contact Lab Interiors Group for more information.

Thermolinear Laboratory Enviornmental Room Uses Include:

• Stability Rooms
• Temperature and Humidity Controlled Rooms
• Laboratory Cold Storage
• Freezers to -40º
• Dry Rooms
• Incubators
• Humidors
• Growth Rooms
• Clean Rooms
• Explosion Proof Rooms
• Curing Oven Rooms
• Tappi Rooms
• Archival Rooms