Enterprise System

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Originally only found in clinical labs, applications in research and high production labs are common. Made to the same standards and finishes as found in the floor mounted steel lines allows adaptable systems furniture to blend into applications requiring both types.

• Self-supporting workstations
• May be used individually or in multi-bench assemblies
• Adjustable height worksurfaces
• Integrated shelving systems
• Pre-plumbed integrated services
• Pre-wired integrated power and data (UL certification available)
• Multiple cabinet options including mobile, suspended, and floor mounted.


Enterprise System with wood components

Enterprise System with Kemresin work surface

Enterprise System - stainless steel components

Enterprise System Catalog
Products and Capabilities Brochure
(Enterprise – page 12)

General Information about Adaptable Systems:

In modern labs where flexibility is essential to meet the fast pace of change, adaptable systems lab furniture is essential. Being modular and changeable makes this the total laboratory solution. Adjustable height counter tops with movable suspended or mobile cabinets below plus adjustable shelving or cabinets above make this the most versatile choice. All components are designed to be interchangeable within the system yet remain strong and durable. Options include free standing work stations that are pre-wired and pre-plumbed for ease of installation in the field. Expandable and re-configurable, the Enterprise line includes unique mobile tables, instrument carts, overhead utility service carriers and even integrated partition lab walls.

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