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Safety and Ergonomics! No two factors are more important in the laboratory environment. Kewaunee has earned the trust of our customers for more than 100 years, building products specifically for the laboratory with these two principles in mind.

The Interceptor Class II, Biological Safety Cabinets are Kewaunee’s latest design. Developed with comprehensive features created to enhance both safety and ergonomics… the Interceptor leads its class.


Interceptor Bio Safety Cabinet

Interceptor Bio Safety Cabinet

Interceptor Laminar Flow vertical work station

Safety & Reliability
• Full Color VGA Monitor provides real time performance data
• Double wall construction surrounds containment area with negative pressure
• Angular front grill design improves containment
• Multiple Audible/Visual Alarm features:
– Sash position alarm
– Programmable filter load warning
– Maximum filter load alarm
– UV lamp “ON” indicator
– UV lamp programmable timer
– UV lamp life expectancy monitor
• Each cabinet is factory tested to NSF/ANSI 49, Section 6.15
• UL 601010-A-1 listed
• Low pressure Airflow Sensor (Thimble connection)

Ergonomic Design
• 10° angled easy lift sash utilizes a reinforced nylon sash belt and sprocket
• Easy access, Touch Pad Control Panel, ADA compliant
• Removable one piece stainless steel work surface
• Coved Corner, three wall stainless steel interior for ease of cleaning
• Forward positioned service fittings
• Tilting sash for easy cleaning
• Telescopic Base Stand options include manual or electrically operated adjustable height
• Ergonomic Armrest

Interceptor Bio Safety Cabinet Brochure
Interceptor Vertical Laminar Flow Workstation Brochure 
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