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Lab Interiors Group can supply the equipment and furnishings you need for a wide variety of industrial and research and development applications including Pharmaceutical, Quality Control, Metallurgical, Food and Beverage, Water and Wastewater Testing, Plastics, Agriculture, and Petroleum laboratories.

The rugged steel lab cabinets from the Kewaunee Research Collection are a solution for all laboratory applications. Steel Lab Furniture Catalog | 2015 Steel Casework Brochure and Conversion Guide
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Kewaunee’s Alpha Systems offer added flexibility with adjustable height counters, modular storage components, and mobile tables.
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The low flow energy efficient Kewaunee LV High Performance Laboratory Fume Hood offers valuable energy savings while maintaining the highest safety standards.  The Kewaunee DetectAir Filtered Fume Hood can be installed with no duct work and used for most standard lab procedures. Special purpose and custom size fume hoods are also available.
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