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University and College Laboratories

Select your design style from a full range of wood veneer, painted steel, and plastic laminate cabinets.
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Kewaunee’s Alpha flexible system designs are suitable for any lab environment,whether it be for teaching or research. Adjustable height counters, modular storage components, and mobile tables provide the ability to adapt quickly to new lab usage needs.
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Kewaunee’s Earthline wood cabinets are Ecofriendly and constructed with FSC and NAUF content that can help meet LEED requirements.
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The low flow energy efficient Kewaunee LV High Performance laboratory fume hoods add to building efficiency and energy conservation.
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Filtered fume hoods, Class II bio safety cabinets, HEPA filtered work stations and clean benches are included in our offering for critical biological areas.
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We can furnish many solutions for any discipline including Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Geology, Animal Science, Engineering, Physics and Health Sciences.

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