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Catalogs are provided in Adobe Acrobat format.  All are large files and will take some time to open/download even on faster connections. If you have any trouble accessing these catalogs, just give us a call and we can email them to you. Technical, maintenance, installation, and user guides are available on our instant support page.


ALPHA System Adaptable Laboratory Furnishings from Kewaunee

Alpha SystemAlpha uses fixed modules and carts to support work surfaces, cabinetry, shelving, and accessories. Components are adjustable on 1″ increments to allow customization of each workstation. The ALPHA system integrates horizontal and vertical services including plumbing, power, and data. The ALPHA family offers an extensive choice of interchangeable components.
Alpha System Catalog


Enterprise Adaptable Series of Lab Furniture from Kewaunee

EnterpriseKewaunee’s Enterprise is a self-supporting movable workstation table design. Enterprise is available with an above counter support structure, or as an adjustable height four legged table. Available pre-plumbed and pre-wired, this design easily incorporates with overhead carrier and panel systems.
Enterprise Adaptable Series Catalog


Laboratory Fume Hoods from Kewaunee

Fume HoodKewaunee designs, engineers, and manufactures fume hoods for every lab application.

Kewaunee’s new Venturi Supreme Air line of fume hoods offers improved performance and enhanced standard features and is the safest, most user friendly fume hood manufactured today.  Venturi Supreme Air and Accessories Catalog (large file, please be patient)

Kewaunee’s classic line of fume hoods includes the energy saving LV and Dynamic Barrier designs and specialty hoods for education and other custom applications.  Classic Fume Hoods and Accessories Catalog


Research Collection Steel Laboratory Furniture from Kewaunee

Steel Lab FurnitureKewaunee’s fully-welded, heavy-gauge, steel base cabinets are built to rigorous benchmarks. They are certified to meet all SEFA 8 performance standards. Base cabinets are available in many styles of cupboard units, drawer units, and drawer and cupboard units.
Steel Lab Furniture Catalog


Signature Series Wood Laboratory Furniture and Casework from Kewaunee

Wood CaseworkSignature Series Wood Furniture is engineered and fabricated to exacting specifications. From raw material to finished products, our quality assurance program is designed to certify that Kewaunee products exceed established industry standards.
Wood Casework Catalog


Spektrum Laminate Furniture from Kewaunee

Plastic LaminatedLaminate furniture and casework (and architectural millwork) is affordable and perfect for lighter duty areas.  Offered with a large selection of configurations and hardware, including steel bodied drawers for extended durability, laminated cabinets look great in a variety of applications.  Spektrum Laminate Catalog


All brochures are in Adobe Acrobat format and will open in a new tab. If you have trouble accessing these files, just give us a call and we can email them to you.

Most Popular Brochures

Kewaunee Products and Capabilities

KewauneeThis brochure provides a general overview of Kewaunee Scientific’s products, product lines, and services offered, such as fume hood testing.  This is an equipment oriented brochure, so if you are interested in learning more about specific casework or furnishings, check out the more specific brochures instead.  Brochure

Casework Selection Guide from Kewaunee

CabinetsKewaunee produces premium quality steel, wood, and Stainless steel cabinetry for a all varieties of educational, healthcare, and research laboratory settings.  This brochure show the different cabinet lines and styles available as well as information about hardware and finishes.  Brochure

FunderMax Laboratory Work Surfaces

FunderMax CountertopsMax Resistance2 work surfaces from FunderMax set a new standard and considerably increase the life cycle of your laboratory countertops. Exclusive RE technology, developed in-house by Fundermax research scientists, is used in the production of Max Resistance2 – perfecting the finish and making it ultimately resistant on both sides.  Brochure

MOVEX Extraction Arms (Snorkels)

Extraction ArmsMOVEX is a world-leading environmental technology company specializing in extractors, fans and filters for all types of applications and environments. MOVEX makes ideal extractors for laboratory environments.  Lab Interiors Group can supply you with the extractor arm best suited for your purpose.
ME50 Brochure | ME75 Brochure

Educational Laboratory Furniture – Signature Series – from Kewaunee

Teaching LabKewaunee manufactures a full range of products designed specifically to meet the requirements of today’s teaching laboratory. Multiple student table designs, instructor benches, teaching fume hoods, and specialized storage units offer the building blocks for effective lab classroom environments.  K-12 and college / university teaching situations, Kewaunee has the products you need.  Brochure

Evolution Adaptable Series of Laboratory Furniture from Kewaunee

Evolution Mobile CartsEvolution is a streamlined, column-based system that was designed with your changing needs in mind. It offers infinite height adjustability for a wide range of components and almost limitless reconfiguration possibilities. Think of Evolution as the starting point for a complete redesign of your work environment, without costly relocation of walls and other structures.  Brochure

Research Collection Steel Laboratory Furniture from Kewaunee

Steel Lab FurnitureKewaunee’s fully-welded, heavy-gauge, steel base cabinets are built to rigorous benchmarks. They are certified to meet all SEFA 8 performance standards. Base cabinets are available in many styles of cupboard units, drawer units, and drawer and cupboard units. Brochure

Fume Hoods from Kewaunee

Fume HoodsKewaunee designs, engineers, and manufactures fume hoods for every lab application.

Kewaunee’s new Venturi Supreme Air line of fume hoods offers improved performance and enhanced standard features and is the safest, most user friendly fume hood manufactured today. Venturi Supreme Air Brochure

Kewaunee’s legacy LV and Dynamic Barrier fume hood designs, as well as their specialty hoods for education and other custom applications meet the challenge for today’s modern laboratory. DetectAir filtered fume hoods incorporate an exclusive on-board validation system which identifies chemicals as acceptable or non-acceptable, with a triple level detection system to ensure user safety. The Dynamic Barrier Fume Hood is another low volume hood like the Supreme Air LV.

Supreme Air Brochure | Supreme Air LV Automatic Sash Operator Brochure | DetectAir BrochureDetectAir II Fume HoodDynamic Barrier Brochure | TruView Supreme Air Fume Hood Brochure

Flammable Gas Lab Safety Products from CONCOA

Flammable Gas Lab Safety Products

CONCOA is today a recognized leader in design and manufacturing of gas control devices.  CONCOA offers a complete line of equipment with all of the components necessary to design an integrated, safe and compliant gas delivery system for non-corrosive, high purity, flammable gases in laboratories and other analytical processes. Product offerings include gas cabinets, air safety monitors, gas leak detectors, regulators and automatic switchover panels to offer a complete system for your laboratory. CONCOA assembles specialty gas regulators and components in a clean room environment to perform precisely in demanding environments. Located in Virginia Beach Virginia CONCO products are American made and readily available for shipment.  Brochure

Healthcare Products from Kewaunee

Modular, Column-based, Pedestal-based, and Slotted Post Systems, Stand-alone benches, Casework, Hoods, and More

HealthcareKewaunee Scientific Healthcare and Technical Products Group offers our customers the widest range of choices, including column-based and pedestal-based modular systems, slotted-post systems, as well as a broad selection of stand-alone benches and a variety of related products such as casework, fume hoods, and bio-safety cabinets. Design and engineering services ensure the best match of furniture to a variety of healthcare applications.  Brochure

Interceptor Biological Safety Cabinet from Kewaunee

InterceptorSafety and ergonomics! No two factors are more important in the laboratory environment. Kewaunee has earned the trust of our customers for more than 100 years, building products specifically for the laboratory with these two principles in mind. The Interceptor Class II, Biological Safety Cabinets are Kewaunee’s latest design. Developed with comprehensive features created to enhance both safety and ergonomics… the Interceptor leads its class. Brochure

Core Cart

Nest CartsThe cell storage system was specifically designed for use in the healthcare industry. This high-quality logistic system is ISO 3394 standardized and can be used in all departments of the hospital. Because of the adaptability of its components, this system allows customers to and the optimal solution that answers to their specific needs while saving up to 30% of space in comparison to more traditional shelving systems.  Brochure     Core Cart Accessories Brochure

Nest Cart

Nest CartsIdeal for supply storage in clinical areas such as patient rooms, Also consider the extra storage under counter where you want to “Nest” your added storage space under a counter. Variable heights allow for sitting, ADA and standing height work surfaces (30”, 33” and 36”) with full extension drawers for ease of access to the drawer contents.  Brochure

More Brochures

Thermolinear Environmental Rooms

Environmental rooms, laboratory cold rooms, dry rooms, and stability chambers are used in research, quality control, production and storage applications. Brochure

ADJUSTABench from Kewaunee

AdjustabenchAnswers the need for ergonomics in the laboratory by allowing the adjustment of the work surface height (at the touch of a button) from 28 to 44 inches.  Various widths available.  Brochure

Earthline® Laboratory Furniture from Kewaunee

Earthline CabinetSustainable laboratory furniture and fume hoods for labs of the 21st century.  Low energy consumption fume hoods and laboratory furnishings made from sustainable or recycled materials.  Earthline products are manufactured in the USA sing modern, environmentally responsible methods and materials that meet or exceed all local, state, and national regulations as well as SEFA performance specifications. Kewaunee products can contribute toward LEED points.  Brochure

Interceptor Vertical Laminar Flow Workstation from Kewaunee

InterceptorThe Interceptor Vertical Laminar Flow Workstation is a carefully enclosed bench designed to prevent contamination of biological samples. Air is drawn through a HEPA filter and blown in a very smooth, laminar flow towards the user. Unit features safety glass, cable ports, a work surface made of epoxy resin or Stainless steel, and optional UV lamp.  Brochure

Safety Cabinets (Flammable and Corrosive Storage) from Kewaunee

Safety CabinetsKawaunee Safety Cabinets are specifically designed for the storage of flammable, combustible, and corrosive liquids. The cabinets are designed in accordance with NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), and FM (Factory Mutual International) regulations. Available in a full range of sizes and designs including manual close, self-closing, and bi-fold self-closing doors.  Brochure